Водонепроницаемая антизасоряющая электрическая наждачная бумага с покрытием марки Deerfos CCM66

Абразивные листы, рулоны и ручные колодки состоят из абразивных зерен, нанесенных на вырезанную квадратную или прямоугольную поверхность с подложкой из ткани, волокна, бумаги или другой основы. Абразивные зерна удаляют такие поверхностные материалы, как металл, керамика, стекло, пластмасса и краска.

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Описание продукции

  • Deerfos Tufbak Waterproof Sanding Sheets give an ultimate cut and life in wet applications.  The improved resin bond system enables a long life in wet applications.  The high strength B-Weight, high-latex, waterproof paper backing has the benefits of ultimate flexibility with wet-curl resistance.  The sanding sheets are environmentally stable meaning they resist humidity-caused curling.

Light, Smooth, Waterproof Backing
Our 3M™ Wetordry™ products are backed with a durable waterproof paper backing that supports wet and dry applications. Lighter weight than cloth and smooth rather than textured, the paper backing is preferable for lighter applications such as finishing and paint prep. At the same time, many such applications produce a significant amount of dust, clogging the abrasive points and creating an inferior work environment. These effects can be minimized by sanding with water to rinse dust away.


Our Fastest-Cutting Abrasive Mineral
Silicon carbide is a very hard mineral that cuts extremely fast. In fact, it is our fastest-cutting mineral abrasive. It features sharp points that fracture easily, resulting in freshly exposed sharp edges that produce a smooth, professional-looking finish. The mineral has a shorter life, but it produces a superior finish.

More Effective Sanding for More Effective Operations
We put plenty of science behind our 3M™ Wetordry™ Abrasive Sheet 401Q — and not just to improve your finished work. These abrasive sheets make the entire sanding process easier, from the durability of each sheet during wet sanding to faster cutting to easier buffing for faster production times and less labor cost. It’s another way that 3M helps auto body professionals get the most from their operations.

Детализация и основные технические характеристики

Item AC768 / CC768
Backing C-wt (P60 ~ P150), A-wt (P180 ~ P2000)
Bonding Resin over Resin
Grain Type Silicon Carbide
Coating Waterproof coated (Wet & Dry)
Size and Grit 9 x 11, P60 ~ P2000
Workpiece Paints, Furniture industries, surfacing (delicate sanding)
Приложение Wet & dry sanding
Advantages High cutting performance, High grain-adhesion, High flexiblity with good performance


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