The Basics of 3m 401q Sandpaper – Full of Dry Goods

The Basics of 3m 401q Sandpaper – Full of Dry Goods

A very important step immediately after finishing any wood work is sanding. Whether you choose to use any type of electric sander or sand by hand, you need to choose the right type of sandpaper and grit. Sanding with the wrong type of sandpaper can cause irreparable damage to your work, so this step is especially important.3M 401Q high efficiency sandpaper can remove dust particles, fish eyes, discoloration, tar, gasoline marks, solvents, water spots, water droplets, and other bad conditions of spray/bake paint. Used in conjunction with 3M Professional Paint Cosmetic Wax (Polishing Paste), it provides a mirror-like finish. Can be used with #5517 and 5526 water surface sandpaper scraper, sponge soft tray can eliminate water sanding marks.

3м 401q

How to use 3m 401q sandpaper?

  • Choosing the right sandpaper

Sandpaper comes in different coarsenesses and for different purposes. Generally speaking, the degree of coarseness of sandpaper can be expressed by the “number”, the larger the number, the rougher the grinding effect of sandpaper. When choosing sandpaper, you need to choose according to the specific requirements for use. If you need to remove coarse surface dirt or old paint, you can choose coarse sandpaper; if you need to carry out delicate sanding and finishing, you can choose fine sandpaper.

  • Preliminary

Before using 3m 401q sandpaper, you need to do some preparation work. First of all, you need to clear the clutter in the work area to ensure that the operating space is clean and tidy; secondly, you need to protect your hands, you can put on gloves to prevent injuries; finally, you need to fix the objects that need to be sanded in order to maintain a stable working condition.

  • Proper use of 3m 401q sandpaper
  1. Polished surfaces:Fold the sandpaper to a size that fits in your hand, then hold the ends of the sandpaper in your hand and move your hands alternately back and forth to grind along the surface to be sanded. Pay attention to the power to be uniform, do not force too hard, so as not to damage the surface of the object.
  2. Sanding corners: For some corners, you can fold 3m 401q sandpaper into a thin long strip, then hold one end of the sandpaper in your hand, put the other end close to the corners that need to be sanded, and sand with force. This can better control the strength and avoid excessive wear.
  3. Sanding curved surfaces: For some curved surfaces or irregular objects, you can fix the sandpaper on a hard support and then use the shape of the support to sand. You can also use your fingers to paste the sandpaper on the object to be sanded, and then use your fingers to sand.
  4. Cleaning 3m401 sandpaper: in the process of using sandpaper, the yarn paper will gather a lot of abrasive debris and dust, which will affect the grinding effect of the sandpaper. Therefore, after a period of use, you need to clean the sandpaper. You can use a brush or a faucet to remove the particles on the vermilion yarn paper, and then dry it and continue to use it.
  • Precautions
  1. Do not use too rough 3m 401q sandpaper to sand the weak material, so as not to damage the object table.
  2. In the sanding process, the force should be uniform, to avoid obvious traces of wear and tear.
  3. If you need to sand a large area of the object, you can use sandpaper grinding wheel and other auxiliary tools to improve work efficiency.
  4. Use sandpaper to maintain a good posture, so as not to cause physical discomfort.

3м 401q

Four advantages of 3m 401q sandpaper:

  1. Good effect: 3м 401q sandpaper has very good grinding performance, can cover the grinding requirements of all materials, strict control of abrasive grain size, to ensure that the depth of the abrasive mark is consistent and pattern, to prevent specimen damage and rework.
  2. High efficiency: 3m40 sandpaper reduces grinding time, grinds with good quality and exceptionally fast, saves half the grinding time for the same specimen than normal sandpaper, and ensures less surface damage to the object during the grinding process. Since less damage needs to be removed, the amount of subsequent processing can be reduced, saving valuable time and efficiency in the preparation process.
  3. Easy to clean up: sandpaper with adhesive backing, adhesive backing cleanup can be a big problem, 3m 401q sandpaper adhesive backing but surprisingly good cleanup, sandpaper uncovered basically no residue, even if there is, residue is also very little, just use the eraser gently rub can be easily removed.
  4. Cost-effective: 3m 401q sandpaper is very durable, the same piece of sandpaper to grind out the number of specimens is 1.5 to 2 times the general sandpaper, in addition there is no any special odor, the use of waterproof C weight paper and special pressure-sensitive adhesive backing made of paper to later paper base will not be broken, cost-effective.

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