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Removes everyday surface blemishes

3M Finesse-I II Machine Polish gets the job done right and fast. Use immediately after compounding with 3M Wool Polishing Pads or 3M Foam Polishing Pads on a rotary buffer or polisher.

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In 1902, five young people founded a mining company, 3m company (minnesota mining and manufacturing company), in shuanggang, minnesota, usa. At the beginning, they only mined ore sand, and soon found that ore sand had better development prospects. Start making sandpaper. In 1910, the company moved to st. Paul, minnesota, where its head office was located, and in 1914, its first product, the three mite abrasive cloth, was launched, and the abrasive products division became 3m’s earliest product division. World’s first waterproof abrasive sandpaper wetordry was born and patented at 3m, ushering in a new era for industrial grinding. Subsequently, 3m has developed a series of high-tech products in the field of grinding, 3m non-woven products (scotch brite), 3m pyramid abrasive products (trizact), 3m ceramic abrasive products (cubitron i, cubitron ii) and other latest grinding technologies the products have brought great changes to the global surface treatment technology, as well as the cutting, grinding and polishing industries. Our company’s main products include 3m 401q, black cutting discs, quickly change discs, flexlble flap discs, zirconium corundum, 3m trizact sanding discs, etc.

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