What is 3M 401Q Abrasive paper

What is 3M 401Q Abrasive paper

3M 401Q sandpaper is made of high-quality fine-grained silicon carbide with excellent uniformity as the abrasive, backed by top-grade golden latex paper with excellent flexibility and water resistance, and adopts a unique adhesive system. Provide customers with faster cutting, longer life, and more uniform surface treatment effect during use.


Advantages of 3M 401Q sandpaper

3M 401Q sandpaper is made by bonding selected mineral sand such as alumina or silicon carbide to a high-strength paper substrate. 3M 401Q sandpaper can effectively avoid external scratches and get good results.

So what are the advantages of 3M 401Q sandpaper? The following Xinhongrui agents will share with you.

  1. The cutting force is strong, and the grinding is more detailed; the sandpaper is not easy to curl and deform; the service life of the sandpaper is long;
  2. High-quality silicon carbide ore; water-resistant kraft paper base; water-resistant resin synthetic glue; unique electrostatic sand-planting method;
  3. Faster grinding efficiency, shorter operating time; more uniform grinding effect, finer roughness; high market share, wide application range.


Features of 3M 401Q sandpaper:

  1. 3M 401Q sandpaper is made by bonding selected minerals such as alumina or silicon carbide to a high-strength paper substrate;
  2. 3M 401Q ultra-precise textured water sandpaper is mainly used for the treatment of automobile topcoats. It is the crystallization of 3M 401Qhigh-tech products and has the characteristics of long life and uniform grinding;It can remove dust particles from spray/baking paint, fisheye bullets, discoloration, asphalt, gasoline traces, solvents, water spots, water droplets and other paint surface defects;
  3. When used with 3M lacquer beauty wax (polishing paste), the lacquer surface can achieve a mirror effect;
  4. It can be soaked in water for a long time, and it can be applied in wet and dry environments. The water sandpaper has a good cutting effect, leaves relatively uniform sand marks on the surface, and has a long service life.

3m 401q Abrasive paper Abrasive paper Silicon Carbide Sandpaper sheets

The scope of application of 3M 401Q sandpaper:

Grinding and polishing of wood (furniture, musical instruments), metal and lacquer surfaces, polishing and grinding of workpieces requiring high finish, such as electronics and automobiles.


What is disc sandpaper

Paste the double-sided tape with a sandpaper roll, and then put it on the punching machine and cut it with a special circular mold. Its shape is a perfect circle, so it is called disc sandpaper, which is essentially sandpaper. Disc sandpaper is separated into multiple types according to different bonding materials, sizes, sanding surfaces, etc.


Different classification methods of disc sandpaper and the difference between dry sand and water sand:

According to the different bonding materials, it is divided into adhesive disc sandpaper and fleece disc sandpaper, as well as with and without holes. When the disc sandpaper with holes is used for grinding objects, waste chips can be discharged from the holes to improve the grinding efficiency.


According to the size, it can be divided into: 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches.


According to the classification of the sand surface, it can be divided into: white sand surface, red sand surface, yellow sand surface, blue sand surface, green sand surface and other disc sandpaper.

3m 401q Abrasive paper Abrasive paper Silicon Carbide Sandpaper sheets

There are also classifications from the raw materials of disc sandpaper, which are divided into silicon carbide disc sandpaper and brown corundum disc sandpaper, and silicon carbide disc sandpaper can be divided into green silicon carbide disc sandpaper and black silicon carbide disc sandpaper. Brown corundum disc sandpaper can be divided into ordinary brown corundum disc sandpaper, calcined brown corundum disc sandpaper, iridium-coated brown corundum disc sandpaper, semi-brittle corundum disc sandpaper and so on.


Among the many disc sandpaper, there are water sand and dry sand. Of course, some sandpaper can be used wet and dry. So what is the difference between dry sand and water sand?


Water sandpaper, the gap between the sand grains is small, and the powder produced by grinding is also small. When the abrasive belt is used with water, the powder will flow out with the water, so it is best to use it with water. If you dry sand with water sandpaper, the dust will remain in the gaps between the sand grains, making the surface of the sandpaper dull and not achieving its desired effect.


And dry sandpaper is very convenient to use. The gap between its sand grains is relatively large, and the fine powder produced by grinding is also large. During the grinding process, the fine powder will fall due to the large gap, so it does not need to be used with water.


The role in industry and life:

Sandpaper is used to grind metal, wood, etc. surfaces to a smooth finish. It is usually made by glueing various abrasive grains on the base paper. According to different abrasive materials, there are emery paper, artificial emery paper, glass sand paper and so on. Wood sandpaper is used to polish wood and bamboo surfaces. Water sandpaper is used to polish the surface of metal or non-metal workpieces in water or oil. There is also a kind of self-adhesive sandpaper, which is to apply glue or flocking to the back of the corresponding sandpaper or emery cloth, and then punch and cut it into a circle or various other required shapes. Widely used in the surface treatment of automobiles, furniture, metal products, electronic circuit boards and other products.


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