3M Trizact Cloth Belt 253FA

3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 253FA - это прочная и надежная лента для плоской чистовой обработки и бесцентрового шлифования. Эта лента с микрорепликами из оксида алюминия, скрепленного минеральной смолой на прочной, водонепроницаемой подложке, выпускается в различных формах и с различными вариантами соединения.

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Описание продукции

  • Engineered for wet intermediate and fine finishing applications
  • XF-weight polyester cloth backing supports rugged use while allowing conformability to irregular profiles
  • Available in a variety of forms, widths and lengths
  • Proprietary 3M-engineered abrasive mineral enhances the performance of aluminum oxide abrasive grain and reduces risk of uneven finishes

Engineered for the Finish
Our 3M Trizact Cloth Belt 253FA sands scratches, gouges, dents and stains on a range of metals without wearing easily. It features a tough XF-weight polyester cloth backing with enough flex to respect surface irregularities and the stamina to withstand rugged use. These attributes make it a good match for flat or centerless finishing applications, which require a sturdy abrasive that is still sensitive to surface irregularities. In grades from A100 to A6, this belt is available in a wide variety of forms, widths and lengths for many different metalworking applications, as well as non-standard and make-to-order forms. Trizact abrasives are graded uniquely. Grade is defined by the average particle size in microns and is indicated with an “A.” Lower is finer. 3M Trizact Cloth Belt Selection and Availability Guides (PDF, 13 Mb) 


Best for Wet Finishing
Choose this belt for wet flat finishing and intermediate finishing of ferrous metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, as well as non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, nickel alloys, cobalt steel, copper and brass.

The Cutting Edge
A proprietary 3M technology, microreplication involves engineering and reproducing precisely sculpted microscopic shapes, with extreme uniformity, across a surface. In the case of abrasive mineral, that surface is a cloth or film backing.

As these structures break down during use, new mineral is continually exposed. The uniform configuration and spacing of 3M Trizact Cloth Belt minerals reduces the risk of uneven finishes and contributes to consistent and predictable performance from start to finish.

From surgical tools to automotive transmission components, 3M Trizact Cloth Belts are designed to deliver a consistent finish part after part.

Детализация и основные технические характеристики

Абразивный материал
Оксид алюминия
Finishing, Шлифование
Материал подложки
Polyester Cloth
Вес подложки
XF Weight
Оборудование - Машины
Centerless Grinders, Wide Belt Sanders
Flex Type
No Flex
Для использования на
Aluminum, углеродистая сталь, High Nickel Alloy, Soft Metals, нержавеющая сталь
Micron Grade
A100, A16, A30, A45, A5, A6, A65, A80
Overall Length (Imperial)
126 in, 132 in, 54 in, 59 in, 60 in, 75 in, 79 in, 90 in
Overall Width (Metric)
101.6 mm, 152.4 mm, 228.6 mm, 304.8 mm, 355.6 mm, 482.6 mm, 635 mm, 939.8 mm
Size (Imperial)
12 in x 126 in, 14 in x 59 in, 19 in x 60 in, 25 in x 60 in, 37 in x 60 in, 37 in x 75 in, 4 in x 54 in, 4 in x 90 in, 6 in x 132 in, 6 in x 79 in, 9 in x 60 in
Aluminum, углеродистая сталь, High Nickel Alloy, Soft Metal, нержавеющая сталь

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