3M Hookit Polishing Pad 05713 9 in 22.86 cm

3M™ Wool Polishing Pads combine the fast, sharp cut of wool with fine blended fibers for attaining high gloss on composite surfaces during auto body repair. Our double-sided pad features a soft edge to protect body lines, and firm, lightweight center support for consistent contact with the surface.


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Use the 3M hookit polishing pad for fast scratch and swirl removal during collision repairs, and an exceptional finish on all surfaces, including composites. Our single-sided pad with 3M™Hookit™ system provides fast change-outs. Our double-sided pad boasts firm, lightweight centre and consistent surface contact.

For fast scratch and swirl removal during collision repairs, and an exceptional finish on all surfaces, including composites, use the 3M™ Wool Polishing Pad. Use our single-sided pad with 3M hookit polishing pad system for fast change-outs. Whether you’re using a random orbital or rotary sander, buffer, grinder, drill, finishing sander or other power tool, our hook and loop system makes life quicker – and more productive. The pads feature a loop material that hooks to the back-up pad (sold separately). Attachment is quick and easy, and the pads remain secure during use. Our durable double-sided pad blends fast-cutting durable wool with fine fibres for a smooth and swirl-free finish. It features a firm, lightweight support in the centre for consistent surface contact, excellent control and a more aggressive cut without applying additional pressure. They attach easily, simply screw on to orbital sanders and other power tools with the 3M 5/8” thread adapter, 5710. Whatever part of the process you’re working on; we have the right pad for the job. All our pads are fast-cutting for excellent results. Use for a variety of applications, including cured paint, fresh and medium paint finishes, scratch and swirl mark removal. All our pads are designed for more efficiency, speed and an enhanced end result. Available as single or double-sided, with hook and loop or screw on attachment.

  • Remove fine paint defects including compound swirl marks
  • Get a fast cut for efficient and effective results
  • Double-sided soft edge pads protect body and style lines
  • Single-side pads feature hook and loop attachment for fast change-outs
  • Works with 3M polishes for consistent performance

제품 세부 정보 및 주요 사양

Refining Scratches
Attachment Type
Hook & Loop
Colour Family
Number of Sides
전체 직경(영국식)
9 in
Overall Diameter (Metric)
228.6 mm, 228.6 mm
제품 양식
Buffing Pad
Sub Applications
Scratch Refinement
Buff Pad, Polishing

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