3M ウールポリッシングパッド 05705 両面9インチ 1ケース6枚入り

3M™ ウール・ポリッシング・パッドは、ウールの高速でシャープな切れ味と細かい混合繊維を組み合わせ、自動車のボディ補修時に複合材表面の高い光沢を実現します。当社の両面パッドは、ボディラインを保護するソフトなエッジと、表面との一貫した接触のためのしっかりとした軽量なセンターサポートが特徴です。



  • Removes fine paint defects including compound swirl marks
  • Blended wool abrasive uses fast cut for efficient, effective results
  • Double-sided soft edge pads protect body and style lines
  • Single-side pads feature hook and loop attachment for fast change-outs
  • Works with 3M polishes for consistent performance on composite finishes

Sharp Abrasive, Fine Polished Finish
To meet the unique challenges of compounding and polishing in collision repair, our screw-on or hook and loop 3M double sided polishing pad feature fast-cutting, durable wool blended with very fine fibers — a remarkable use of an aggressive cut abrasive to attain polished finishes for jobs including scratch and swirl mark removal. Polishing pads feature single- and double-sided construction and convenient attachment to a variety of tools, and work with our polishes and compounds for excellent results even on the latest composite surfaces.

The Right Pad for the Right Job
Our durable 3M double sided polishing pads feature built-in support at the center which allows for excellent control and a more aggressive cut without applying additional pressure. Blended wool fiber construction cuts quickly and makes for a smooth and swirl-free finish. This screw-on pad attaches easily to orbital sanders and other power tools with the 3M 5/8″ thread adapter PN05710.

Single-sided pads provide the same fast, refined cut and feature our hook and loop attachment system.

Saving Time with Hook and Loop Attachment
Whether the job requires a random orbital or rotary sander, buffer, grinder, drill, finishing sander or other power tool, hook-and-loop products allow the operator to focus more on the task and less on tooling. Our single-sided 3M™ Wool Polishing Pads are manufactured with loop material that attaches to a backup pad, sold separately, where tiny hooks firmly engage the loops. Attachment is quick and easy, and the pads stay secure during use. Sanding, finishing, and surface conditioning products with the hook-and-loop attachment and removal system provide an efficient way to change pads during multi-step compounding and polishing.

A Balance of Sharp and Smooth from 3M
3M™ uses science to build wool — an abrasive well-known for its fast, sharp cut — into a blended fiber pad that provides a fine polished finish for auto body and collision repair professionals. Our careful development of wool polishing pads provides excellent results, not just in the finished product but in time and cost savings for your entire operation. 


Cured Paint, Fresh Paint Finishes, Medium Paint Finishes, Paint Finishing & Detailing, Scratch Removal, Swirlmark Removal
6 Bags per Case
Number of Sides
1 per bag
全体の直径 (インチ)
9 in
全体の直径 (メートル法)
228.6 mm
Buffing Pad