Deerfos JA165 Emery Cloth Abrasive Sanding Belt wet and dry Soft Cloth Abrasive roll

We provide coated abrasives JUMBO ROLLS for wide range of applications including wood, metal, glass, plastic and automotive and we ensure top quality coated abrasive products with our state-of-the-art equipments.

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उत्पाद विवरण

  • Deerfos Precision-Shaped Grain slices through metals like a knife rather than gouging or plowing
  • Removes material faster, with less pressure
  • Includes a grinding aid for less grinding friction and cooler cutting
  • Cool cutting action lessens the risk of heat-related damage to workpiece

Fast and Flexible
A closed coat and a grinding aid make our Deerfos Abrasive Belt JA167 Wet and Dry Soft Cloth Abrasive Roll an outstanding option for low to medium pressure applications on heat sensitive metals. The nature of the abrasive structure diverts heat to the swarf, keeping both belt and workpiece cooler. It is now available in grades 40+ (make to order), 60+, 80+ and now 120+ adding an improved solution for finer finishing applications.

Cutting Edge Performance for Low and Medium Pressure Sanding
A semi flexible Cubitron II belt the Deerfos JA167 Wet and Dry Soft Cloth Abrasive Roll sports an X-weight poly-cotton backing. Among backing weights, an X-weight cloth is flexible and provides tensile strength as well. A great number of small belt sizes which are nimble and maneuverable so operators can get in, over and around intricate parts. These wet and dry soft cloth abrasive roll belts are good options for low-and-medium-pressure offhand operations for use on the following equipment:

  • Backstands
  • File Belt Sanders
  • Inline Sanders
  • Stroke Sanders

How Deerfos Precision-Shaped Grain Works
Deerfos Precision-Shaped Grain is designed to continuously fracture to form sharp points and edges that easily “slice” through metal. It cuts faster, lasts longer and stays cooler. Conventional ceramic abrasive grain tends to “plow” through the metal, causing heat to build up in the workpiece and the abrasive — resulting in a slower cut, shorter belt life and undesirable effects, such as burnishing.

Deerfos Science. The Beginning of Cubitron II.
In 2009, Deerfos  scientists had long believed abrasives would work better if each grain of the ceramic abrasive material was exactly the same size and shape. It would act more like a knife shaving off material and less like a plow bouncing along the surface, creating heat damage. The breakthrough came when they realized they could use microreplication technology Deerfos was already using to create reflective material for signs, and other purposes. Within a short time, they had created Deerfos Precision Shaped Grain — identical triangular-shaped abrasive grains electrostatically oriented and distributed uniformly on an abrasive backing. The end result is faster, cooler cutting action, improved productivity, less operator fatigue and longer belt life.

A “wet and dry soft cloth abrasive roll” is a type of abrasive material that can be used either wet or dry. It is made of a soft cloth material that is coated with abrasive particles, typically made of silicone carbide or aluminum oxide. The soft cloth material makes it suitable for use on delicate surfaces or for delicate operations, while the abrasive particles allow for the removal of material or surface finishing. The roll form allows for a versatile application, as it can be easily cut to size or wrapped around objects for sanding or polishing.

Features of wet and dry soft cloth abrasive roll

Here are some common features of a “wet and dry soft cloth abrasive roll”:

  1. Versatile: Can be used wet or dry, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and surfaces.
  2. Soft material: The soft cloth material is gentle on delicate surfaces and prevents scratching.
  3. Abrasive particles: The abrasive particles, typically made of silicone carbide or aluminum oxide, allow for effective removal of material or surface finishing.
  4. Roll form: The roll form allows for easy cutting to size or wrapping around objects for sanding or polishing.
  5. Long-lasting: The abrasive particles are bonded to the cloth material for durability, allowing for longer use before needing to be replaced.
  6. Clean: Does not produce dust, making it suitable for use in clean environments or on delicate equipment.
  7. Economical: The roll form allows for less waste compared to pre-cut sheets and is more cost-effective in the long run.

उत्पाद विवरण और मुख्य विनिर्देश

Grain TypeAluminum Oxide

BackingJwt PolyCotton


CoatingClose Coat

BondingResin Over Resin

Jumbo roll width1380mm

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