3M Diamond Microfinishing Film Roll 675L

Conçu avec un support de film polyester solide et un diamant minéral tranchant, le rouleau de film de microfinition diamant 3M™ 675L permet d'obtenir des finitions fines sur les métaux durs comme les revêtements par projection thermique, les céramiques, les carbures, le fer réfrigéré et le granit.

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Description des produits

  • Micron-graded diamond mineral delivers close tolerance precision finishes for medium stock removal
  • Enables slow abrasive feed rates and fewer steps which reduces abrasive costs
  • Polyester film backing allows roll to be used dry or wet with surface lubricants
  • An exceptional roll for thermal spray finishing of contour / complex shapes
  • Color coded to reduce the risk of error and mixing up abrasive grades

High-quality Materials for Microfinishing
3M Diamond Microfinishing Film Roll 675L securely anchors micron-graded diamonds to a polyester film backing. Known for its strength and resilience, the polyester film backing makes it tough so that it can withstand heavy-duty finishing. The rolls are also color coded by grade to help you reduce the risk of selecting the wrong grade.

Waterproof Backing
Polyester film backings are also water resistant, so the abrasive may be run with a wet lubricant, which helps wash away unwanted swarf and debris and keeps the abrasive running cool. When used in roll form for a process like superfinishing, our 3M Diamond Microfinishing Film Roll 675L enables slow abrasive feed rates and requires fewer steps, because of its durability, which in turn can reduce costs.

Achieving the Desired Roughness Average
Many microfinished products require a specific Ra, or roughness average. To obtain the desired Ra when applying thermal spray coatings, we recommend following a unique sequence of steps tailored to the substrate. It is important for operators to consider these factors — Ra and substrate — when selecting the grade of film for this belt.

Overall, this micron-graded diamond abrasive delivers the desired finish without compromising the integrity of the substrate. Its strength and versatility make it a suitable abrasive for your finishing needs.

Sequential Surface Finishes Obtained (Ra Micro Inch)
Roll Material 74μ 45μ 30μ 20μ
Tungsten Carbide Ra 12-16 8-12 5-8 2.5-5
Chrome Carbide Ra 15-20 10-14 6-10 4-6
Nickel Based Ra 20-55 14-19 6-10 4-6
Chrome Oxide Ra -55 -45
Operating Conditions Recommended Acceptable Range
Workpiece Speed 300 sfpm 150-350
Traverse Rate 0.07 inch/rev 0.03-0.1
Abrasive Support 65 Shore A Roller
Abrasive Speed 0.5-1.0 inch/min
Pressure 20 lbs/inch width 10-40
Oscillation Alternating Moderate/None
Coolant Water with 4-8% synthetic coolant

Détail du produit et spécifications principales

Matériau abrasif
Matériau de support
Polyester Film
Backing Thickness (Imperial)
5 mil
Famille de couleurs
Beige, Green, Multi-color
Core Size (Imperial)
3 in
Core Size (Metric)
76.2 mm
Équipement - Machines
Superfinishing Machines
Hole Configuration
Aerospace, General Industrial, Precision Grinding & Finishing, Transportation & Heavy Equipment
Micron Grade
20 μm, 30 μm, 45 μm, 74 μm
Longueur totale (impériale)
50 ft
Longueur totale (métrique)
15.24 m, 15.25 m
Largeur totale (impériale)
4 dans
Largeur totale (métrique)
101.6 mm
Couleur du produit
Beige, Gray, Green, Teal
Size (Metric)
101.6 mm x 15.24 m, 101.6 mm x 15.25 m
Carbide, Cast Iron, Ceramic, Chilled Cast Iron, Chrome Carbide, Chrome Oxide, Granite, High Nickel Alloy, HVOF, Nickel Based, Non-ferrous Metal, Oxide, Soft Metal, Stone, Tungsten Carbide

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