Mirka Autonet 6″ discos de lijado de agarre de malla 50 count 400 Grit Artículo

Autonet® se ha desarrollado especialmente para la industria del repintado de automóviles. Una combinación de alto rendimiento y larga vida útil la convierte en una solución rentable. Diseñada para el lijado en seco, a máquina o a mano, sus características de lijado realmente sin polvo dan como resultado un entorno de trabajo más limpio,

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Descripción de los productos

  • Innovative design improves productivity and final finish while reducing costs
  • Full-face vacuum ability for greater efficiency
  • Removal of dust particles eliminates loading and pilling problems
  • Woven mesh backing works with hook and loop attachment
  • Can be used with portable, self-generating, or central vacuum systems


Designed for dry sanding, by hand or with a machine, the true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish. Abranet is a mesh grip sanding discs with thousands of small holes. The distance from each abrasive grit to the nearest dust collection point is only half a millimeter. This provides efficient dust extraction from the entire surface of the abrasive.


The open mesh grip sanding discs design provides superior dust removal. Abranet’s innovative design allows the use of portable as well as conventional vacuum systems. This product combines high performance with a long lifespan providing a quick, effective and cost-effective alternative to traditional abrasives. Abranet is a revolutionary product for vacuum-assisted sanding operations. Designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand, its dust-free sanding characteristics results in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish. The new, patented abrasive will fundamentally change your work environment and results in 95% efficient, dust-controlled sanding when used with industry-standard Dust Extraction systems.

Use for



Suitable materials

Steel, Mild steel / carbon steel, Copper alloys / brass / bronze, Birch, Non-ferrous metal, Plaster / Putty, Beech, Stainless steel, Melamine, Veneer, Pine, Plastics, Primer, Paint sanding, Body filler, Lacquers, Teak, Mahogany, L.G. Himacs, Samsung Staron, Paint stripping / removal, Chipboard, Solid surface, Cast iron, Oak, Ash, Hard wood, Soft / Resinous wood, Karonia Mistral, MDF / HDF, Dupont Corian.


 Autonet is specially developed to satisfy the unique demands of the automotive refinishing indsutry. The patented construction consists of a dense network of polyamide fabric threads onto which the abrasive grit is bonded. This new-age surface finishing solution offers speed, excellent efficiency and an amazing dust extraction ability. The jobs get done quicker and with a better surface quality ? Excellent initial aggressivity ? Reduces edge wear in finer grits ? Eliminates clogging and pilling ? Long life-span ? Phenomenal dust extraction across the entire abrasive surface ? Virtually dust-free sanding ? Cleaner and healthier working environment ? A versatile range to suite any application

Mesh grip sanding discs are a type of abrasive disc that are designed to be used with power sanding tools, such as angle grinders or orbital sanders. The disc is made up of a flexible mesh material that is infused with abrasive grains. The mesh design allows for a better grip on the sanding tool and helps to prevent slippage during use. This results in a more consistent sanding experience and a smoother, more uniform finish. Mesh grip sanding discs are commonly used for metal, wood, and plastic surface preparation and finishing, as well as paint and rust removal.

Features of mesh grip sanding discs

Mesh grip sanding discs typically have the following features:

  1. Open mesh design: The mesh design allows for improved dust extraction, reducing clogging and increasing the disc’s lifespan.

  2. Hook and loop attachment system: The hook and loop system makes it easy to attach and remove the disc from the sander.

  3. Multi-hole pattern: The multiple holes in the disc provide improved dust extraction, ensuring a cleaner work environment.

  4. Flexibility: The mesh design allows for greater flexibility, making it easier to sand contoured or irregular surfaces.

  5. Consistent finish: The uniform abrasive distribution on the disc provides a consistent sanding finish.

  6. Versatility: Mesh grip sanding discs are available in a range of grits and can be used for a variety of sanding applications, from removing surface defects to achieving a fine finish.


Detalles del producto y especificaciones principales

Tipo de anexo
Material de soporte
PA net / PES net
Resin over resin
150 mm
Aluminium oxide
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